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    Pre-Production (Check all that apply):

    Script-Writing A professional writer to research and write all voice-overs and/or scenarios.

    Creative-Direction-Consultation Productions meetings, guidance and/or proposals to help bring your vision to life.

    Creative-Direction Consultation

    Production (check all that apply):

    HD Videographer Experienced camera operator/cinematographer, HD Cinema Camera, Lights and Wireless Sound Kit.

    4K Video Capture The newest standard of video is 4K or 4 times the resolution of HD. Great for 4K YouTube streaming and future proofing your content. This is recommended if your project is visually beautiful ie: tourism, nature, inspirational etc.

    Slow Motion Video Capture Everywhere you look now you see slow motion… and it’s AWESOME. We offer awesome slow motion for your project.

    Stabilized Video Equipment Specialized equipment meant to create smooth & dynamic moving camera images.

    Aerial / Drone Video + Photo Remote controlled quad copter with mounted camera for stunning images from above.

    Interview Lighting Flattering soft 3 point lighting for great looking interviews.

    Photography Includes stills photographer, camera package & photo editing.

    Hair and/or Make-Up Look your best before you go on camera with our qualified artists.

    Actors/Models Professional actor(s) to use as a host or in scenes.

    Voiceover Talent Professional voice actor & recording.

    Portable Backdrop or Green Screen Portable white, black or green screen video backdrops.

    Teleprompter One way glass teleprompter with operator.

    Post-Production (check all that apply):

    Video EditingHigh definition professional editing suite with experienced editor.

    Motion Graphics Creation of high end graphics including logo animation, lower thirds & text overlays.

    Animation Animation of products, scenes, images and characters.

    Premium Music All videos come with 1 track of licensed music, select this to upgrade to premium selections.

    Deliveries (check all that apply):

    Digital Files Standard delivery of 1080p HD format in Mp4 or other preferred type.

    4K or UHD Animation of products, scenes, images and characters

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