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As a videographer/filmmaker/producer, I often work in many commercial and corporate areas of the industry. While this work is great and enables me to work full time in a profession that I love, sometimes I just like to shoot my own ideas and projects. This mini-doc called “Santa Tom” was created about seven years ago and was one of my first personal projects since I moved back to my hometown of Kelowna after working as a TV producer in Calgary, AB.

Santa Tom is an individual I know from the film industry, he is also a year-round photographer/actor and come December, he is one of the best Santas around.  He founded the “Santa’s Across the Globe” page in 2002 which has almost 1200 members to date which is impressive when you realise they are almost all Santa’s, Elves and Mrs Clause’s. Please enjoy.

You can check out his facebook page here.